Northwest Arkansas
Skills Training Center

1004 SE 5th Street
Bentonville, Ar 72712
Phone: (479)254-6717
Fax: (479)254-6761

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A basic concept of Pathfinder, Inc. is that all people, regardless of individual differences and intellectual abilities, have an inalienable right to an education and vocational program which is consistent with their needs and helps them to achieve their maximum potential.
Pathfinder, Inc. therefore seeks to provide the best possible education and vocational opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities so that it may fulfill its major responsibility, the fullest development of these human resources.

Services Include:
  • Work Opportunities
  • Counseling
  • Daily Living Skills Training
  • Transportation
  • Community inclusion
  • Therapy - OT, PT and Speech
  • Medicaid Waiver Provider
  • Case Management
  • Socialization:

  • Socialization is also an important element of the skills training center.
    Individuals have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities with their peers.
    Activities, including, but not limited to; Field trips, bowling, Special Olympic, Country Store, etc

Pathfinder, Inc. provides prevocational and vocational skills training for individuals with disabilities. The goal is to maximize the growth and development of each individual that passes through the program. Pathfinder, Inc. helps adults learn the skills that provide them the opportunity to become self sufficient members of the community.

    Referral sources include:
  • Developmental Disabilities Services
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Public Schools
  • Veterans Administration
  • Local Case Managers

    Eligibility Criteria:
  • 18 - 21 years old
  • must have high school diploma
    or completion of school certificate.
  • Over 21 years old
  • Completion of school is not
  • Current documentation of
    disability Psychological or Physical.

  • Jon Waddle
  • Ray Smith
  • Michael McCauley
  • Joe Pasco
  • George McCrary, M.D.
  • Wayne Perkins


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