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Home & Community Based Services

This is a home-based program which provides individual services within the community for persons who might otherwise have to seek services in an institution.

Services must be specifically requested by the consumer and/or his or her family.

To apply for HCBS:

  • If the applicant is age 6 months through completion of high school up to age 22 contact:
    • DDS Program Administrator, Children's Intake and Referral
      PHONE: (501) 682-1464.
  • If the applicant is age 18 with completion of high School Education or age 22 without completion of high School Education through and thereafter contact:
    • DDS HCBS Administrator, Adult Intake and Referral PHONE: (501) 682-8678

    For more information about Pathfinder as a provider, contact:

    Director of Home & Community Based Services,

    Pam Edison

    Phone: 501 982-0528

    FAX: 501 985-0197

    To view or print the HCBS Handbook click here.

    To refer someone to any of our services, please click here.   



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