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Briarwood ICF/IID

Briarwood ICF/IID

420 Barnett
Batesville, Arkansas 72501
PHONE:870 793-8335

Located in the heart of the community of Batesville, one of Arkansas's oldest settlements, this facility is home to 10 adult individuals. Treatment programs are individualized to develop the basic skills necessary for independent living. The programs encompass the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and communicative skills that are required for functional living in one's community home. A vehicle is provided for access to jobs, work activity, shopping, entertainment, etc.

Wheel chair accessible


For more information about this facility contact:

ICF/IID Services Specialist,
Crystin Main
Phone: 501 982-0528 ext. 1108
Fax: 501 985-0197, ATTN: Crystin


Contact Managing Director of ICF/IID Services,
Herbie Robinson
Phone: 501 982-0528 ext. 1149
Fax: 501 985-0197, ATTN: Herbie

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