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Gordon Tubbs ICF/IID

Gordon Tubbs ICF/IID

412 Cleveland
Cabot, Ar 72023

This facility was named in honor of Mr. Gordon Tubbs in recognition for his many years of service as a member of Pathfinder, Inc.  It is home to 10 adult individuals. The facility was opened on August 10, 1989. Cabot's City Beautiful Commission employs some of the residents for grounds maintenance along the main highway.  In addition to providing jobs, it has also enabled the community and merchants to become acquainted with our residents, Pathfinder, Inc. and our mission in the community.

Wheel chair accessible
Fair Housing And Equal Opportunity


For more information about this facility contact:

ICF/IID Services Specialist,
Crystin Main
Phone: 501 982-0528 ext. 1108
Fax: 501 985-0197, ATTN: Crystin


Contact Managing Director of ICF/IID Services,
Herbie Robinson
Phone: 501 982-0528 ext. 1149
Fax: 501 985-0197, ATTN: Herbie

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