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Supervised Living

Supervised Living

 Supervised living is a residential-based program offered in a group home setting. Residents who have limited skills receive ongoing training to enable them to move to more independent living. Training provided includies daily living activities, environmental and behavioral strategies, appropriate social skills, health and fitness, community integration, recreation and leisure interests, academic skills including signing, writing, basic math skills, fine and gross motor skills, and independent living skills such as time and money management, transportation training, domestic tasks, problem solving skills, and personal hygiene. Direct care staff strive to be unobtrusive, and positive with each resident.

There are currently two facilities -

  • Cave Springs

    Cave Springs is home to four residents in the small northwestern Arkansas community.

  • Plaza Group Home

    The Plaza facility serves 10 co-ed adults and is located in downtown Jacksonville with easy access to city amenities.

Fair Housing And Equal Opportunity


For more information about these facilities contact:

Residential Services Specialist,
Christie Boyette
Phone: 501 982-0528 ext. 1111
Fax: 501 985-0197, ATTN: Christie Boyette


Managing Director of Residential Services,
Alex Brewer
Phone: 501 982-0528 ext. 1102
Fax: 501 985-0197, ATTN: Alex

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To arrange a tour contact Christie Boyette.

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