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Supported Employment


Pathfinder, Inc. is proud to be a Supported Employment vendor for Arkansas  Rehabilitation Services! Supported Employment provides services to consumers with significant disabilities to assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment at an integrated labor site. 

A job coach serves as teacher, mentor, and facilitator by assisting the consumer with the job search, interviews, and training of job duties at the work site. The job coach helps the consumer look for jobs that interest them and match their abilities and skills to the job. 

The overall goal for the consumer is to foster growth towards maximum independence in the community and at their place of employment. Competitive Employment will be procured in the community and within Pathfinder, Inc. Consumers will generally work a minimum of 15 hours to 25 hours per week.

For more information about Supported Employment, contact:

Pam Edison
in Central Arkansas

PHONE: 501 982-0528

Kristen Walker
in Northwest Arkansas

PHONE: 479 254-6717

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