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Our clients have unique transportation needs. We provide travel to and from social engagements, work, training and school. This comprehensive approach has resulted in our operating Arkansas' second largest private vehicle system. Our door to door transportation service features customized vans and small buses, with drivers carefully trained to assist individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Transportation Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Transportation for Door to Door pick-up and delivery of individuals to and from our preschool and skills training centers.
  • Transportation for individuals in our Residential Services.
  • Transportation for work materials for Skills Training.
  • Transportation for individuals in our Waiver Services.
  • Transportation for Grounds Maintenance Services.
  • Transportation for Building Maintenance Services.
  • Transportation for individuals that are enrolled in Pathfinder yet have outside employment.

Transportation is provided for consumers with disabilities that are enrolled in Pathfinder programs. The transportation mission is very diverse in nature. Pathfinder, Inc. has a fleet of over 200 vehicles that are maintained by our vehicle maintenance crew.

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